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Gallery project, sound, choreography

FaVU Gallery, Brno, CZ

Artists: Moravanský, Sikorová, Žilinský

Installation consisted of about 60,000 nails nailed to the walls of the 117 m² gallery, spread over three interconnected rooms. A hidden subwoofer amplified street noise from the street directly next to the gallery.

During the 5-day performing installation, a fixed time plan of choreographed work in space was followed. Alongside the assembly, the authors also only used headlights, which meant that they could only focus on one point when hammering the nails into the wall. In this way they were not distracted by the surroundings beyond the light point, but at the same time they were denied any thought about the aesthetic composition of the nails within the workspace.

The initial starting point of the project refers to the Actor-network theory (also known as ANT) of the French sociologist Bruno Latour. Latour tries to explain how (not so much why) the actors in this network have come together to act as a whole. Similarly, acupuncture as a pseudo-scientific method of treatment takes individuality into account as a comprehensive understanding of the state of the whole organism rather than its individual parts.

After the exhibition was over - the removal of the nails revealed layers of previous exhibitions - then the gallery walls collapsed and the entire gallery had to be completely reconstructed and rebuilt.



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