Acupuncture of Exhibition Space (squared)

3.3.2020 - 23.3.2020 Pragovka Gallery / Entry Prague

installation, approx. 60000 nails, performance, electricity-connected subwoofer (no sound), 250m cable

"Acupuncture of Exhibition Space (squared)" allegorically follows the previous exhibition "Acupuncture of Exhibition Space" that took place from 29.5.-3.7.2019 in the FaVU Gallery in Brno.


The Acupuncture of Exhibition Space (series) is a metaphor of the gallery space as an independent actor, organism, and its stimulation. It works with space as an accumulation unit in the network, as well as with the network itself. The initial starting point of the project refers to the theory of French sociologist Bruno Latour. The actor-network theory, known simply as ANT, involves not only people, but also objects, organizations, and concepts. ANT is based on the concept of a heterogeneous network of actors in mutual material and semiotic relationships. Latour is trying to explain how (not so why) the actors in this network have come together to act as a whole. ANT argues that every actor, whether a person, an object, an organization or a concept, is equally important to the network. Similarly, acupuncture as a curing method takes into account the individuality together in a complex understanding of the condition of the whole organism instead of its separate pans Whatever is going on in one part of the body influences the other part. as according to Latour does the system of relationships in network Every network consists of interconnecting points that create the system - we call these points "the acupuncture points"

Watch video about installation process (allegory)