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Gallery project, installation, video game

Group exhibition „Here & Now“, Brno House of Arts, CZ

Artists: Tomáš Moravanský, Tereza Sikorová, Michal Žilinský, Jakub Nemec

An Adult Video Store Nostalgia is a physical replica of the familiar X-rated movies aisle - both an adult department and a digital simulation in the shape of a computer game - that brings to life the virtual walk around the video rental shop. The exhibition project was created to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the Brno House of Arts as a part of a group exhibition called Here and Now. Our group has created an installation in a gallery room located by the main entrance and then… follow as the name of the work itself instructs.

You are zigzagging through a maze of romantic comedies, furtively complicating your journey through the Fairy Tales section full of fairy tales...and even more fairy tales. To blend in, you pop into the Documentaries. The whole space within the building is like a kind of a foreplay, glimmering walls and shelves covered in a blurry haze of colours, familiar shapes, stories, and genres. The vacant look and reserved walk will surely lead you to where you have been, at least in your mind, for some time anyway.

„Straight ahead, right around the corner“ echoes a navigating voice from behind the cash register. You continue your slick manoeuvring within the space, pretending that the directions were not aimed at you..., and like a cue ball bounced on a pool table that has one leg shortened, you, as if by chance, fall straight in.

As you are having a quick look inside, you feel as if ou have just opened a door on an engaged toilet cubicle, and you are ready to bemusedly gesture at your interest in the latest psycho-thriller with a particular actor.

All your clumsiness stands guard on the outside, and the resonance of the bamboo curtain behind your back, as if by a caress, moves your body to the ambient chamber of a blind spot zone of anonymity.

On your way back, to be on a safe side, you pick up a few random pieces which should confuse the stripping looks of potentially nosey people. Your “prized find“ can be “hidden” in this casual pile, so it will not accidentally give away anything about you.

Watch cinematic walkthrough


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