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Anthropos Anthem

Dance composition, 30‘

13.06. 2021
LAB Theatre, Bratislava, SK

30.7. 2021
KIOSK - Festival of new Slovak theater and dance, SK

Performed, choreographed by Miriam Budzáková
Sound collage & VJ: Miriam Budzáková
Coaching: Juraj Korec, Maja Hriešik

Photo by: Marek Jancuch, Natália Zajačiková

The narrative of Miriam Budzáková‘s dance solo is built from the presence of a moving body followed by a scattered audience. The figure of the half-naked dancer in the green park seems to take no notice of anyone at any one time, and yet all are intuitively guided by her inner worlds located in what is probably a state of individual environmental grief.

In a tense and unfocused atmosphere, the mood is released for creating small personal processes of exploring the possibilities present, both on the part of the audience and the dancer. As if the question hangs in the air: is it personal this time, or is it my personal question? It depends...

The author, in the role of performer, subtly reveals the dynamics of the surrounding environment, which is at once a kind of obstacle, but also an important part of the story, which, however, seems to be really taking place somewhere else - in another place in the past, but also in the future here and now. The plot unfolds with audacity between the internal and the visible, the visual memory and the image of one‘s own experience.

It is a hands-off accompaniment that ultimately takes us somewhere where suddenly, through jazzy music, sound collages and the odd poem, it is made clear that we don‘t actually belong here or anywhere else. And then we‘ll stop. It looks like I am/we are at home here - „as if by chance“ it‘s by the outside walls of a public toilet. But since you‘re here... we should at least look at the blurry camera shots of the landscape and how I played hide and seek alone in the winter.


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