post-clown performance, public/private intervention, two-channel video (60 min)

3. 5. - 20. 5. 2019 - St. Anastasia Island, Bulgaria

Every day we set up one camera in the room and a second, concealed camera, attached to a pole above the door. Then we waited for the regular arrival of boat full of tourists to the island. As a part of a program “Artist in Residence” we worked on a project “POOL”. Coloured filters were put on the windows so it was possible to see out, but the tourists on the outside could not see in.

Every morning we had a routine, a clown was jumping on a bed behind the closed doors of a tourist accommodation. We always started just before the ship arrived and stopped only after the boat and the island were deserted again. This footage was recorded on a day when children and a teacher arrived on the island on a school trip to the museum next door. One curious boy explored all the possible nooks of his surroundings and without even thinking, he opened the door to a cloistered room where the performance was taking place in private. In doing so, he triggered a chain reaction of interest in an unexplained phenomenon of the whole group.

Note: Due to the battery running out, the camera placed in the room turned itself off, although the microphone kept recording.

Watch video of the performance

"Attraction" is a part of the "POOL Project Series", which deals with post-clown manifestation. The project outcomes are diverse and are always based on the context of the place where it is presented.