Tereza Sikorová & Tomáš Moravanský


post-clown performance, public/private intervention, two-channel video (60 min)
3. 5. - 20. 5. 2019 - St. Anastasia Island, Bulgaria

The project was created within one month Artist in Residence, Czech center Sofia, Bulgaria Every day we prepared a camera in the room and a second hidden camera on a pillar in front of the door and waited for regular arrivals of the boat with tourists to the island where we worked on the POOL project as part of the Artist in Residence program. We were accommodated in tourist rooms next to the historical museum dedicated to the island. We fixed color filters to the windows of the room, thanks to which made it possible to see out of the room but not from outside to inside of the room. Every morning we practiced this routine in a clown costume jumping on the bed behind the closed door of a tourist hostel. We always started just before the arrival of the ship and ended after its departure until the island remained depopulated. This record was made on the day the school group arrived on the island. One boy was too curious about what was behind the closed door, probably thinking the door was still a nearby museum and opened it (in video at 1:10 min) which triggered a chain reaction of curious children looking inside the room.


Note: Before the end of the recording, the camera inside the room has run out of battery, but the microphone and the hidden camera remain recording.

video of performance

Attraction is part of the POOL series. The primary aspect of the POOL series is dedicated to the post-clown manifestation.