A short film, 23’23’’

Premiere: October 16, 2020, XY Gallery, Olomouc

This short film was created during a three-week-long research internship under the residency programme of XY Gallery in Olomouc. The film was made instead of a planned public presentation of my previous creation and instead of discussions, which are usually held at the end of each residency programme.


For three weeks, I had been working on several projects, supposed to be presented publicly as a performance and as an installation. Eventually, I got to know that implementing the projects would not be possible as the coronavirus second wave came which resulted in culture closures for the public. I devoted the remaining time to preparing a presentation with discussion for XY Gallery, planned to be held online. The film was being produced during the last week of the residency programme and it takes place in the very atelier of the residency centre where I worked. It was projected via a live stream on social media.

The film works with an (interactive) storytelling using the composed “family of narrators” generated by voice assistants with various language dialects. It elaborates on a story of perceiving the physical space as a virtual one, based on the ideological character of the space, objects, associations, and external influences. It refers independently to critical theory, phenomenology, moving picture, physical phenomena, computer game environment (e. g. an avatar from Half-Life), choreography, or a switchover to online (online learning, discussions, self-presentation). 

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