Interactive installation, intervention, post-dance performance
July 2021  / New Synagogue, Žilina, SK

Collaboration w/ Miriam Budzáková

The second rerun of the post-dance performance Interpellation in the form of an interactive installation took place over a period of two days in the empty gallery. The zone on which the original carpet was laid was detected by a motion sensor. When registering the movement of visitors, the sensor activated the volume of the original storytelling sound. As long as no one and nothing moved on the carpet, the story of the performance could not be heard. It was so in need of constant movement for the smooth running of the story. If someone moved only occasionally, he/she only caught fragments of the text, missed a large part of the story, which at the same time created new, random contexts. The sensor in sunny weather reacted e.g. also to the glare of the passing car behind the glass entrance of the gallery. As long as no one was actively in the gallery, there was silence and emptiness, as if there was no program going on inside at first glance. The spectators and casual passers-by thus became dancers, who only created new meanings with their physical presence. At the same time, they were the initiators of the performance itself, which was technically repeated for two days, but paradoxically always differently. Their presence was literally an ideological interpellation of the dance performance.

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