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Opera-installation for Dunami Ensemble

"Chata v jezerní kotlině"

10. 10. 2016

Premiere at festival Music Olomouc 2016


PLATO, Ostrava, CZ

Stage concept, choreography: Tomáš Moravanský

Music: František Chaloupka

Cottage in the Lake Basin (2016)

for Dunami Ensemble

Music, libretto: František Chaloupka

Costumes: Věra Vtípilová, Tomáš Moravanský

Lights: Lukáš Citnar, Tomáš Moravanský



Ludva and Pavel: Dominik Urbanek, Patrik Prachar

Dernet and the "Tleskač": Kvido Lotrek, Vít Zbořil

Radim Hanousek - soprano saxophone

Antonín Mühlhansl - alto saxophone

Pavel Zlámal - tenor saxophone

Radek Zapadlo - tenor saxophone

Synopsis of the original story:

The Cottage in the Lake Basin (1939) is one of the most famous works of the writer Jaroslav Foglar. The clearly defined space, the Lake Basin and the cottage that Pavel and Ludva built from margarine boxes play a centripetal function. Pavel's father is a world-famous boxer who dies in the ring. Ludva writes a novel about the Indians of the Krí tribe in the Lake Basin. One day, Paul comes to the trail of an ancient story - when he brings an old saffron to an old pharmacist, he tells him that years ago he had bought this saffron from two boys. They guarded their secrets and did not want to tell anyone where the saffron was growing. One day, however, one of the boys killed himself, and the other, Dernet, became mad after this event and forgot his way to the basin ...

Watch preview (Music Olomouc 2016)

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