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Post-clown performance & open call for clowns/audience project


Courtyard of the town hall, Open Air Program Festival, Hradec Králové

Artist: Tereza Sikorová, Tomáš Moravanský

Performed: Tereza Sikorová

The post-clown performance “Confrontation” took place at Open Air Program Festival in Hradec Králové. We announced an open-call for clowns (to be spectators of the performance - no more information were given) who were later part of the performance, sitting in the auditorium which was divided into two parts (one part clowns, one part real audience). The post-clown performance was placed on the stage in front of the auditorium, which was situated in the courtyard of the town hall. Before starting the performance, we printed a form containing empty boxes with personal data (degree, name, surname, profession, e-mail, signature) to be filled that circulated in the audience during the show. When the form returned to the post-clown actress, she went to the town hall building (which was situated two metres behind the actress back) where she received a notarial confirmation of the form (document). Post-clown (performance) was officially confirmed.


Note: Since the performance took place, fake spam has been sent from the post-clown (as another ongoing project) to those emails that viewers have written as their information in the form.

Confrontation is part of the POOL series. The primary aspect of the POOL series is dedicated to the post-clown manifestation.


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