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Gallery project, objects

2. 2.- 5. 6. 2021
Kontext Gallery, TIC, Brno

Artists: Daniela & Denisa Ponomarevova
Curator: Šimon Kadlčák
Photo and edit: Eva Rybářová

The Vak Gallery was, or perhaps still is, in a state of hibernation inside of a sports bag of its founder and first curator Aneta Willertová. As with other non-traditionally conceived galleries, its foundation was based on the effort to leave the exclusive environment of the standard gallery format and get closer to the uneducated viewer. In this case, it was not only a symbolic step - in addition to providing the space for the presentation of contemporary art, the bag also continued to fulfill its original function, and its owner carried it with her, for example, to Thai-box training or other exercises. Exhibitions in the Bag were usually located in a small compartment with a transparent foil, originally probably intended as a space for a card with the owner‘s contact details in case of loss.

The format of the openings also respected the mobile character of the Bag. Each exhibition was presented in a special place, the selection of which was upon the exhibiting artists themselves. Each individual opening was an experience of ecstasy, when the invited guests (invitations to the Bag openings were sent via the e-mail and thus resigned from the possibilities of social networks) had to travel to the announced place, where a (performative) artistic experience awaited them.

Gallery Vak was in Aneta Willertová sport bag. She decided to reflect upon her current life situation and therefore approached twins Daniela and Denisa Ponomarevova to prepare a themed exhibition in Kontext. They symmetrically connected niches with the Womb to create a singular shape of a mother organism with two fetuses. The exhibition Capsula is the last anniversary station of the Cores and Shapes project.


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