Gallery project, various dimension

8.7. - 5.8. 2021 / XY Gallery, Olomouc, CZ

The main motif of the exhibition project "Transferred Attention" consisted of a photograph "levitating" in the air, depicting a parked electric scooter. The photograph is located in the same place where the scooter itself was previously located. Thus, only the photograph itself and the simulated light of the real, no longer present scooter remain in the installation. The situation is complemented by the sound of a cicada from a hidden loudspeaker.

On the initial entrance towards the main part of the exhibition, it was possible to encounter a complementary scenery of three electric scooters parked against a wooden fence that had been uninstalled together with the scooters from a nearby square. In the coming days of the exhibition after the opening, only the fence was preserved - the scooters were dismantled and the fence became a place to store other urban transportation devices.

Although both parts of the exhibition project work with the motif of the electric scooter, they can be considered as ideologically separate acts.