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Post-clown performance, public intervention

Premiere - 14.11. 2021
City Swimming Pool Lužánky, Brno

Concept: Tomáš Moravanský & Tereza Sikorová
Performed: Tereza Sikorová
Dramaturgy & trailer: Tomáš Moravanský
Costume: Kamila Kouřilová

In a very action-packed and deceptive trailer for the performance, the authors invite you to an indefinite cultural event, which will take place throughout the Sunday afternoon at the City Swimming Pool. Visitors can go swimming during the performance and do something extra for their health. The second option is to see for free from the stands what is happening in the pool.

On one side of the pool, spectators sit in the stands and expect an artistic performance, on the other side in place of a lifeguard sitting clown. Among all this, there are visitors swimming in the pool as in a normal day.

DEAD IN THE POOL is a five-hour performance where nothing happens except for the presence of a clown as a lifeguard. The performance works with the imagination of the visitors and their physical presence completes the work itself.

For each rerun, a special trailer is created as part of the promotion, which is tailored to the area where the intervention will take place. Likewise, each trailer isintended as an update, with added elements overlaying the previous ones. This creates a self-contained cinematic experiment, a collage charting the work‘s journey through the world

Watch Trailer

Watch Clip from the live performance



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