Post-clown performance / public intervention

City Swimming Pool Lužánky, Brno

Premiere - 14.11. 2021

On one side of the pool, spectators sit in the stands and expect an artistic performance, on the other side in place of a lifeguard siting clown. Among all this, there are visitors swimming in the pool as in a normal day. DEAD IN THE POOL is a 5-hour satirical performance on the border of contemporary art and physical theater, working with the imagination of visitors in the sense of "what if something happened".


In a very action-packed and deceptive Trailer for the performance, the authors invite you to an indefinite cultural event, which will take place throughout the Sunday afternoon at the City Swimming Pool Lužánky. Visitors can go swimming during the performance and do something extra for their health. The second option is to see for free from the stands what is happening in the pool.


We usually understand clowns as someone who is supposed to amuse us with their clumsiness, scare them, or that they are jokers. But if the clown doesn't do anything like that and just looks at his job as a rescuer in case of danger, it may seem a bit suspicious to those around him. The tension of such an expectation that something is going to happen puts the situation on its head. Viewers become the ones who, based on suspicion, can start to act comically, irrationally, start creating their own scenarios in their heads and act according to them, or they just ignore it and swim on. The viewer can thus inadvertently take on the role of a clown, while the real clown behaves as if nothing.

Watch Trailer

Watch Clip from the live performance