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Gallery project, interactive installation

2021 / Káznice: Former Prison, CZ

Lapidarium deals with two fundamental certainties, inevitabilities of physiological and material nature - Food and Shelter, it is based on the correlation of the everyday and the very existence of an individual.

In the context of the diploma work, Lapidarium – as the point of departure of the installation, a kind of re-interpretation of the institution – is a place where stone objects are accumulated and displayed. However, this “lapidarium” encompasses artefacts which, simply by their materiality, contest the fixed definition. The more appropriate attribute for them is durable rather than permanent. These objects refer to the present and partly to the past.

Food and Shelter is represented by two defined preconditions of life with the intention to generalise architecture and food through their formal deconstruction. The form of the objects is inspired by established archetypes, obvious fragments that they actually physically consist of. Based on a fragment or segment the idea of the subject (consumer) and object (house) can be relatively abstract. Lapidarium ensues from the mass of what we are confronted with on a daily basis, usually thoughtlessly, for the sake of our survival. Standard heavy and tough materials are replaced by construction foam, which by its properties “devalues” the function and stability of the building elements. Conversely, a foodstuff becomes an artefact and has an ambition to conserve its form for an undetermined period. As a result of repetitive human mistakes such a durable piece of bakery product would usually become a by-product of our being. The Food and Shelter objects draw attention to themselves through a range of surfaces and colours that the beams from the spotlights in the darkened environment fall upon. In this way they receive museum-like attention as if they were exhibits of the present interpreted as works of art.


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