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Video installation, 2 screens

A recording of a program running in real time

7.2. – 4.3. 2022

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Artist: Victoria Duryagina

Curator: Viktória Pardovičová

Photo: Tamara Pavlechová


The installation Footprints explores the possibilities of searching in terms of self-realisation or personal growth. These aspects can be considered as characteristic points of interest for many participants in contemporary society, which operates primarily on phenomenon that require a continuous production towards progress. At the same time, however, it is also possible to acknowledge the (sometimes) positive process necessary for the development of the possibilities of living or creating. Thus, through the installation, Victoria confronts reality with the environment of a constantly running program, a technology that produces content, constantly searching for an answer to the sequence of references of the ones and zeros – digitality. In this color-harmonized, neutral landscape, she combines the seemingly absurd elements of everyday life with the abstraction of graphics based on the Unity Engine. The randomness in graphic outputs (program responses) is the result of an always new unique process, creating an image of searching and finding, a tangle of data and visually readable outputs. Those can be, as for the program and the technology required to keep it alive, a metaphor for a world that is surprisingly close to human entities – with no possibility of stopping the always repeating monotonous process.


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