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Gallery project, CGI video, 9, drawing, music score,live orchestral performance

11. 12. 2019 – 25. 1. 2020
TIC Gallery, Brno, CZ

Artist: Michal Žilinský, Tomáš Moravanský
Curator Katarína Hladeková

The initial and final motif of Michal Žilinský’s exhibition is a zero milestone. This takes place moment after an apocalypse, at the Earth without people, at the place, where different physical rules apply. This is the author’s fourth CGI animation, centered around a fictitious virtual environment. The so-called Zone is inspired by both abandoned and magical place of Andrei Tarkovsky and master of classic sci-fi – Strugatsky brothers. In Fragment 0, the author goes beyond: teases the viewer, shakes their confidence, mystifies. He chooses one object from the ambivalent Zone and hides its identity under the destructive signs of time and also visual play – under trompe l’oeil. At the same time, he follows his characteristic style as his brand: epic hyperrealism, references to chiaroscuro and almost magical symbolism could be seen in most of his previous works.


Into his latest project, the author also inweaves commercial strategies known from pop culture, more pronounced than in previous works. This is highlighted mainly by camera work, music (composed by Tomáš Moravanský) or by formal references to the genre of videogame introduction. The inanimate object of his interest becomes hero-Frankenstein, commodified by the same lascivious visual references like he ever lived. The ruin is depicted as a breakdown of matrix – clearly defined system – undermining the untenability of modern strict pragmatism. The ruin and its fragments were however created thanks to conflict of humans. The author then, by his installation refers not only to the extinction of the world and its original purpose but also to its legitimate contradictions. If using a 3D hyperrealistic moving image can blur borders of reality and fiction, then integration of hyperrealistic drawing, which is on the contrary most tradeable artifact of the exhibition, forces us to the absolute relativization. What if then, by the words of most popular 90’s ufologist Erich von Däniken, doomsday had already happened?


Watch Fragment 0

Watch preview of opening performance