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3D render, 2'

Artist: Michal Žilinský

Fragment 2B is best compared to the Zone created by the Strugatsky brothers and Andrei Tarkovsky, to the Paul Noble’s tyrannical Nobson Newtown or to the Pavel Makov’s existentialist graphics.

The moving image examines vertical plane of the construction, layers of concrete pillars and beams, their exposed corroded reinforcements and almost religious wrapping of the structure into fabrics. Those factors support temporal ambivalence of this environment as a reminder of material temporality. There are more questions than answers. Does the wrapping act represent an obsessive attempt to preserve past values or do the passive plastic sheeting predispose this place for future expansion? In between the aesthetics of the ruins and the construction process, the present epoch of emptiness emerges. Stuck in the hibernation state, only the occasional organic turmoil makes the possibility of change.

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Fragment 2B is located somewhere in the Zone.


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