Polina Davydenko

From Thumb To Little Finger



The performance was created in response to Corona’s measures, when we were forced to physically lock ourselves in apartments, but stay online. Fear of the invisible virus began to grow into political control, and in response I asked 10 friends who are also artists. We met in apartments, studios or in the park to paint one nail. I created a private collection, which I could present to friends or passers-by at the time of closed gallery institutions. During the summer holidays, I organized the second edition of toenails with another artists. The situation at that time was no longer affected by covid panic or quarantine, and there was much more space and possibilities for the personal approaches of individual artists.

The project was selected within the opencall Black box of the TIC Gallery in Brno and I distributed the dedicated honorarium among all participating creators.

Left hand from thumb to little finger:

Anna Tesařová, Tadeáš Polák, Monika Rygalová, Kateřina Rafaelová, Štěpán Brož

Left hand from thumb to little finger:

Kristýna Hejlová, Šimon Kadlčák, Lazaro Rincon, Bára Bažantová, Hana Matyášová

Left leg from thumb to little finger:

Petr Nápravník, Lucie Králíková, Jan Staniczek, Kristýna Kulíková, Tomáš Plachký

Right leg from thumb to little finger:

Barbora Trnková, Lukáš Dobeš, Hana Kubešová, Tomáš Moravanský, Tereza Sikorová

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