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Post-dance performance, artistic research, video 53´

Premiere: 26.3.2021
Záhrada CnK, Banská Bystrica, SK

Concept & dramaturgy: Tomáš Moravanský
Dancers: Miriam Budzáková, Simona Štangová, Nikola Majtanová

The performance was the result of a year and a half long creative and research process and cooperation within several residences, interventions in galleries and public spaces. The voice guide acquaints us with the story of the performance with the help of an interpretation of the media references that were included in the processes of its creation.

The flow of speech flows almost non-stop, it lacks any emotional movement, gradation of story or dynamics. A small interruption occurs only at the moment of the performers‘ rotation. Each is accompanied by its own „story“ evoking linearity, chronology, shape with beginning and end. Storytelling rises automatically in several lines without a clear direction, at the same time the narrator does not hierarchize any of them with his machine expression. Sometimes he reads from personal diaries, other times the text has the nature of an institutional critique. We learn, for example, that Miriam did gymnastics as a child, but she was not completely good at it, Nikola suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder and likes to work in pairs.

Private anecdotes are translated by exam descriptions from various creative processes, we learn about the loop between grant schemes, the pros and cons of artistic residencies. As a result, the inflated flow of speech reveals the absurdity of a system in which an artist seeks to gain support to function as an emancipated individual, but will ultimately never be free. Support requires performance, explanation, justification ...

Everything takes place on a scene that, through the eyes of a camera, formally resembles a motif from the digital environment of CGI (computer-generated imagery) software. At the same time, the situation illustrates the present characters with information and reveals the ideological background of one‘s own production. This creates an auto-reference work as a basis for future layers / reruns.

(work in progress archive)


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The Interpellation was created with the financial support of the Slovak Arts Council.



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