Tomáš Moravanský


Post-dance performance, research project, storytelling

Premiere: 26.3.2021, Záhrada CNK, Banská Bystrica

tomáš moravanský

& miriam budzáková,

nikola majtanová,

simona štangová

production: trakt, skok!, institut institut



  • brno artist in residence

  • stanica žilina-záriečie

  • house of the lords of kunštát / brno house of arts, brno

  • galerie tic, brno

  • divadlo pôtoň, bátovce

  • galerie xy, olomouc

  • záhrada – centrum nezávislej kultúry, banská bystrica

"Tomáš first approached Miriam about the show via Facebook. Her name appears on the 2019 list of performances on one of the contemporary dance festivals sites, in the performance category under the name New Faces. Several names came up on the list at that time. Based on that list, Tomáš got in touch with her. Later, there was also a brief meeting, again at a similar festival of contemporary dance, where Tomáš briefly, in just a few minutes, elaborated on information previously exchanged over the internet.


There was an Open Call to start with, after Miriam accepted the offer to collaborate on this show. The Open Call announced an audition for a dancer or motion actress for a feature night dance performance, a conceptual movement form under the working name Interpellation.


Nikola’s meeting was the last one in a series of three live meetings with the applicants at the Open Call. She was one of the first to respond to the call. Most of the applications are usually received on the last day. It was at a time when Nikola was finishing her bachelor's degree thesis and was not required to be actively present at the university.


After Tomáš overloaded Nikola with the huge amount of information about the project, he asked her if she knew any other potential candidates.


After Nikola got selected for the show at the audition, she recommended Tomáš to also approach Simona.


After Tomáš introduced the basic concept of the show, Simona understood what was conceptually involved. She says that at times, one can get lost in it.  She describes some of the rehearsal process as if you throw someone in a room and let them do whatever they want. She often had doubts whether she was responding correctly to what was being asked of her, but it was logical that everything was right. As I said before, to the first face-to-face meeting, which was relatively short, Simona travelled on a quick turnaround, it was about a four-hour round trip from Linz to Brno.


The last joint working residency, took place roughly a year before the premiere. The premiere took place on 26.3.2021. It was 53 minutes long.


After the premiere, the girls said their goodbyes and left, each on their own way.

The show’s reruns continued to take place but without their physical presence."

The Interpellation was created with the financial support of the Slovak Arts Council.


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