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Dance project, research

2.12. 2022 (Premiere) / Centre of Experimental Theatre (Cellar scene), Brno, CZ

26.6. 2023 / The International Festival Theater European Regions, Hradec Králové, CZ

Concept and dramaturgy: Tomáš Moravanský
Choreography and performance: Miriam Budzáková

Production Manager: Tereza Sikorová

"A dance-movement experiment that is to be continued"

Lucky Hat is a work based on the principle of machine learning, in which the dancer adopts the role of a superstitious machine, learning to recognize the successfulness of her own delivery by evaluating the audience's expression in real time. By finding the right means of expression, movements and their composition, she learns to control the situation. It's like when our favorite sports team scores a goal, and we are convinced that as long as we stay in the same and, in our opinion, magical position we were in when it just happened, our team will continue to be successful.

By rerunning the show, the dancer's telepathic abilities evolve, gradually creating an audience-successful show. Each rerun is an update of the previous one, where, in addition to the dancer's performance, other elements such as length, set design, costume, target audience, PR, production requirements, and even genre can equally undergo an evolutionary process. The performance is not rehearsed in advance, the modifications are applied on stage, so to speak, on the spot.

Watch Lucky Hat (1.0) 50'

Watch Lucky Hat (2.0) 30'




















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