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Painings, sound, light

20. 9. – 9. 10. 2022
MEDIUM Gallery, Bratislava, SK

Artist: Dominik Hlinka

Sound and spatial dramatization was co-produced with Tomáš Moravanský

The installation was complemented by the sound of mobile signal interference emanating from the image of a monkey on the phone, in a half-minute repetitive interval, supplemented by flashing coloured backlighting, which was the only part of the exhibition visible through the main door to the main square. The paintings on the other side of the room were placed where the custodian regularly sits. They are an elaboration of Hlinka‘s thematic interest in how the presence of wifi affects our sleep in our natural environment. The way they are installed in the entrance area of the gallery, their composition seems to replicate an imaginary router network, a kind of abstract cloud. The paintings were practically created in collaboration with Dominik‘s long-time „partner“ in the painting processes - a CNC machine - modified by the artist himself.

Watch a sample of interference

Part of the group exhibition „Artistic and artificial“ with András Cséfalvay, Jozef Pilát, Danica Pišteková, Marek Kvetan, Pavol Truben, Dominik Hlinka. Curated by Miroslav Halák & Adrián Kobetic
Watch a sample of interference


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