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Installation, objects, linoleum, graphics

11. – 21. 5. 2023
4+4 Days in Motion, festival of Contemporary Art, Everything’s Everyone’s, Erpet Smíchov, Prague

(Moravanský, Turzo, Sikorová, Hlinka, Ponomarevová, Žilinská, Duryagina)

 A moment when every day is a day of raising awareness about something...


With an anthropocentric perspective, the project accentuates the interest in the variables that determine the coexistence of several animal species in one place. These, in the thought process of personification, appear as a poorly translated hybrid about human escapism in the face of a constant barrage of a sea of information. Thus a cartoon-like glitch appears on the scene. It is as if the shark has swum smoothly in a straight stream into the interior of the sand island, oblivious to the laws of physics, from where it now sticks out like a glitch preserved in time, on a sea of rippled blue linoleum. These processes of hybridization, disparate attempts to fuse two worlds (human and animal psychology) thus become the template for a work of art, provoking human imagination and self-reflection as a paradoxical source of inspiration.


The term Raising Awareness - which is increasingly becoming a "buzzword" - also functions in the project as a semiotic allusion, but one that ignores the contemporary engaged media space as a gesture of psycho-hygiene.

The work is inspired by Charles Darwin's 1872 book The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals.










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