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RAYS - a performative encounter with radiation

Dance solo performance, 15‘

Premiere: Jozef Eckart Theater, Salzburg

Performed: Miriam Budzáková
Original solo choreographed & performed: Mirjam Sögner
Original movement research assisted: Angela Schubot
Coaching: Anna Tenta and Marilena Dara
Sound design: Jonathan Reiter
Live music: Juan Villanueva
Costume design: Birke Van Martens

RAYS is an immersive experience, dedicated to the latent nervousness that increasingly permeates our existence. It wants to make perceivable what usually slips our senses: Wifi signals, the electro-magnetic fields of your smart phones, computers, and power supply systems...

Somewhere between a Shaman and a Cyborg Mirjam Sögner lends her body to these immaterial existences, that define the very core of our contemporary being. Without any other device than her organic material she aims to receive, detect, synchronise with, and amplify these omnipresent signals. She becomes vibration. Vibration becomes body. Energy becomes solid. The difference between emitter and receiver is increasingly getting unclear. Will the body dissolve?

RAYS is a bodily response to the nagging and fundamental question what relevance our physical being still holds given a reality that is shifting into digital realms. It is also a concert and a homage to the apparent nothingness between solid matter.

*The solo was recreated from an original solo under the lead of the choroegraoher Mirjam Sögner as a part of a graduation final exam.


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