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Installation, paintings

September-October 2021,

K-space, Bratislava, SK


Artist: Doninik Hlinka
Guest: Rona Jankovičová

If we want to understand this world, we cannot remain dependent only on our subjective senses and experiences. The main idea of the REFLECTION - REFRACTION - DIFFRACTION project is to work with technological means to achieve an alternative vision of the world, divided into three different stages : Seeing on a wifi network how this signal behaves, how it flows around us or passes through us. Using the kinect peripheral (it has two cameras and one infrared light projector) to analyze the different environments we are normally in. And finally post-production of previously painted material, to create new paintings. All this represents a symbolic thinking and handling of technology, which can point to serious and at the same time invisible phenomena.

The intention of the exhibition is to present paintings that have been created using digital technologies and reflect these technologies and paintings. Creative processes created with the tools of new technologies, for which they were not originally intended, and the acquisition of images of our reality that we have not yet had the opportunity to see in the form of a painted image. In perceiving our reality, Clay purposely transcends his senses, and together with algorithms, creates new painted images of our environment, but also of us humans. The author points to the parallel worlds that exist here near us, but are made up of different computational and operational processes and data, which brings a new perspective on the world that is being created and happening around us.



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