Tomáš Moravanský


19.2.2020 - 12.4.2020, Brno House of Arts / G99, Brno

installation, paper boxes 40x40x40cm, various dimension

Installation STILL LEFT is based on the artist’s residency within the Brno Artists in Residence programme of the Brno House of Arts which took place in autumn 2019. STILL LEFT is a continuation of a set of interconnected gallery projects, object installations, interventions in public space, scenic performances and short films under the umbrella title STILL LIVE, in which Moravanský is currently researching and working on topics of everyday life, movement psychology, intellectual property, virtuality and culture of individualism in relation to phenomenology.

STILL LEFT elaborates the grasping of the perceived world as a virtual one and with the help of an object is set in the gallery space as a place for an intellectual and contemplative walk. This creates a paraphrase of a game that has no result but only options. The visitor is thus automatically drawn into a situation in which interpellates the work on its internal state. The state manifests itself individually through corporeality and creates further information - a specific dialogue in reality and leaving an evidence of its expression in the world - visible shapes of its intentions.

We grasp the external space through the situation of our body. Thanks to the as it is called "corporeal" or "postural scheme" we have a global, practical and implicit idea about the relationship between our body and things, about our position towards them at all times. To our surroundings a bundle of possible movements or "motor projects" comes from us. Our body is not in space as things are, rather it settles in and inhabits it, clinging to it like a hand to an instrument. Therefore, where we want to move, we do not need to move our body as an object. We do not need any means to change its position, we do it as if miraculously because the body is ours and allows us to have a direct access to a space.

The real space in which each point is what it really is, for us as humans is the space overlaid by a "virtual space" into which the spatial values that the points would acquire if the coordinates of our body change would be written. Between our spatial situation and situation of others, a system of correspondence is created in which each symbolizes all the others. This different grasp, which transforms our factual situation into one case in a system of other possible situations is already realized when, for example, we point a finger at a point in space. The gesture of demonstration that the animals do not understand assumes that we are already in a virtual, centrifigural or cultural space - at the end of the line indicated by our finger. This mimic use of our body is not yet a conception of thought, because it does not detach us from the bodily situation, but on the contrary assumes its entire meaning.

Exhibition Walkthrough with the Artist (video)

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