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Sands of the Microworld 2.0


Gallery project, installation, 3D animation, movie 30´

25.6. - 26.9. 2021 / Jozef Kollár Gallery, Banská Štiavnica
15.6. - 15.10.2022 / TIC Gallery, Brno, CZ
16.9. - 30.9.2022 / DOM festival, Bratislava, SK


Selection of the Other Visions PAF Olomouc 22 / Honorable mention of the jury Award

Animation and graphics: Jakub Roček, Michal Žilinský
Audio story and dramatization: Tomáš Moravanský
Rendering: Michal Žilinský
Editing and post-production: Žilinský, Moravanský
Sound design & mastering: Tomáš Moravanský
Curated by Marianna Brinzová
Photo and edit: Eva Rybárová

The exhibition Sands of microworld 2.0 works with the now rather “overcooked” topic of global environmental crisis as a phenomenon that has returned to the art scene after 2000 in a new context of scientifically oriented multi-disciplinary paradigm of the Anthropocene. It presents a site-specific installation that refers to the crisis situation. It resembles an emergency committee or a bunker, a place in charge of the last coordinated human activity.

The audience enters the intervention in Galerie TIC in a state of timelessness, the time “after” or “post” when all the preceding tension and threat has disappeared. What is left are only ruins, fragments, and memories... The intricate environment is crowned by a large format video – a narrative 3D animation with a distinct musical component by the invited artist Tomáš Moravanský.

The animation is a “postmodern” collage full of references to pop culture and techno-optimism. It satirizes the acquired and eventually destroyed human cultural property, which is paradoxically portrayed in a dematerialized form in a world of virtual objects and simulations that are multiplying and overlapping into infinity.

The project was created in cooperation of Michal Žilinský, Tomáš Moravanský, Jakub Roček, Jakub Nemec, Petr Jambor.

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