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Post-clown performance, site-specific installation, happening, plastic foil, video 42'

5. 5. - 21. 5. 2019 – Installation

St. Anastasia Island, Bulgaria

19. 5. 2019 – Performance

St. Anastasia Island, Bulgaria

Artist: Tomáš Moravanský Tereza Sikorová

Performed: Tereza Sikorová

The project was created within one month Artist in Residence, Czech center in Sofia, Bulgaria

On a very small island of St. Anastasia (size about one hectare) where we were working on the POOL project, we created several site-specific installations. Some were visible and some were not. One of the visible ones was the installation of a covered sea view with a plastic foil in the place (stage with elevation) which is the most representative tourist point within the island and from where you can see the arrival of the tourist boat and the light of the night city of Burgas. This installation was present on the island for about 2 weeks until we left. The plastic was properly recycled. 

Towards the end of the residence, the head of the island asked us as artists to present some of our work for evening visitors - teambuilding of a company specializing in eco-cars, along with families. We placed a post-clown performance under the plastic installation. Again, we started just before the arrival of the ship and ended after its departure, until the island remained depopulated. No one has been informed in advance or during what we are presenting. The video shows that after moments of confusion, the group spontaneously took a photo together with the performing Post-Clown, one of the visitors shared a live stream on social networks and started an online discussion. After about 15 minutes, the equally confused head of the island began to explain the history of the island as tourist guides do. The visitors took many photos with the background of the plastic sea, as well as during the two weeks of the installation. Tereza performed until the boat with the visitors was far away in the distance on the way back, because after dark we switched on the night lighting of the island, which we redesigned by blue filters, which could also be seen from afar.

Watch full performance

Sea from the Elevation Floor is part of the POOL series. The primary aspect of the POOL series is dedicated to the post-clown manifestation.


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