Polina Davydenko

Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Words

Installation, audio


10.9.–2.10. 2020, Monomach Gallery, Brno

On the way to work, she met a bee on the sidewalk, which was crawling in a circle along the edge of the pavement. A sense of guilt swept over her. Should she move it into the grass or let it be? What if someone else steps on it? Crowds of people passed by. While she couldn’t answer the questions correctly, she was five steps away from the bee.

Can the „sorry“ gesture be comprehensible to bees? Or is it only a certain kind of social conduct broadly accepted as good manners? Do we romanticize the perception of nonhuman realities and entities when we imagine the possible apology?

The installation of figure, the main character – beekeeper made of rye’s spikes and beehives made from the rest of the rye. The beekeeper is humming John Elton‘s lovesong Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word to the buzzing hives. Throaty humming mixes with the buzz of the hives in the gallery space and evokes a feeling of ongoing communication. Soft singing forces the viewer to take the same position as the observed character to hear it clearly. Even though the communication is non-verbal, the song can relates to the depiction of the beekeeper, who would like to apologize.

video preview

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