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Spectacle: Residuum


Gallery project, installation, sound, performance

3.8. - 17.9. 2022
TIC Gallery, Brno, CZ

Artist: Adam Turzo
Curator: Ivana Hrončeková
Soundscape: Tomáš Moravanský

Adam Turzo’s Spectacle: Residuum stops time in the middleof one sequence or film frame as we find ourselves in a black space between acti on and reaction, at the point of completed destruction, just before fully realizing the consequences of this action. The act of extinction is, however, not a sudden and unpredictable accident, rather it puts us in the animal skin from the fable about a boiling frog.


The presence of sound and the oscillating light, reminiscent of a filmstrip projector, brings the passage of time and narrative onto the scene. The installation's soundtrack brings layers of pop culture references to contemporary post-apocalyptic sci-fi films onto the scene; the sand drifts are particularly reminiscent of Denis Villeneuve's recently celebrated Dune. The subtlety of the materials and the scene as a whole have a strongly contemplative feel to them and, like the aforementioned film, the installation articulates similar themes. The otherwise pleasant melancholy of the installation's indeterminate time is only disturbed by an inconspicuous relic of the present, the grinding wheel, and the unintentional memory of the legendary Horst Fuchs, a symbol of the well-spun mechanism of the consumer apocalypse.

Watch the performance of the Spectacle



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