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Spooky Butt 2: Bio Efficient

Objects and fragments

4. 8.-15. 10. 2021
Catacombs under the Centre of Experimental Theatre, Brno

Artist: Daniela Ponomarevová
Curators: Šimon Kadlčák & Daniel Hüttler
Photo and edit: František Svatoš

Group exhibition (other exhibitors: Judita Levitnerová (CZ), Frank Yunker (US), José Eduardo Barajas (MX), Saon (CZ), Julie Villard & Simon Brossard (FR), Vít Bohal & Lenka Veselá (CZ), Pope Sangreta (TW/AT))

Spooky Butt reemerges from the depths again. The exhibition of the series curated by Šimon Kadlčák and Daniel Hüttler bears the title Bio-Efficient and explores recursive and processual aesthetic experiences that have the potential of enhancing a more sensitive engagement with the “eerie”.

You are about to enter a space where we explore the boundaries of technological co-production through the seventh sense of uncanniness that glooms over the curated setting. In the first episode of Spooky Butt, we concentrated on the horror and spookiness of embodiment and organic processes while in the second we shift our focus to the new kinds of horrors that technologies have brought upon our imaginations.


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