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Star Trek Deep Space 9 – 1080p 12 Hours


Gallery project, digital prints, flowers

21.2. - 13.4.2023
Bludný Kámen / Cella, Opava, CZ

Artist: Tomáš Moravanský

Curator: Katarína Klusová

Foto and edit: Tomáš Moravanský

White noise.

Appropriation of someone else's content.




Room environment. Calm.

Transportation to another place (teleportation).

Telling a story, about how we relate to the experience of reality and what we do to make it present (sometimes for 24 hours)

It's a sound exhibition. An exhibition of sound images.

Perhaps what's also interesting about it is that the sound evokes the atmosphere of the space in which we imaginatively find ourselves and for a time becomes our own. A room zone. The twilight. Infinity (the final frontier).

This is how we move away from the outside. It's an adventure.

A shuttle for one. A space station on the edge of deep space, a hotel room, air conditioning, an endless stream of running water (shower cabin).

It's available on youtube.


And occasionally water the flowers.

That's enough.


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