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6-channel video, site-specific & stage-performances

FaVU Gallery, Brno;

House of the Lord of Kunstat, Brno (as Pride and Prejudice)

presented in various forms as live performances

Artist: Tomáš Moravanský

The project Still Live from 2018 is a series of six videos whose common feature is the multiplication of a subject performing a predetermined sequence of actions. It is an extensive project series that can potentially continue endlessly - just like the actions recorded on videos can be repeated endlessly and also by various actors.

The project, characterized as postconceptual is with the tradition of conceptual art connected with a focus on a predetermined instruction, according to which it is possible to repeatedly realize the work. The work in its theoretical background works with factual processing of individual videos with poststructuralsitic interpretation of the subjec - Lacanian psychoanalysis plays a central role here.

The entire Still Live project can be interpreted as a nostalgic report on the disappearance of an individual subject expressing itself through a work of art but also as a celebration of the possibility of constructing the subject‘s simulacrum and its expression.


  1. Natural Painters

  2. Doubles

  3. DJs

  4. Untitled

  5. Obsessive Contemplative Disorder

  6. Stage Behind the Mirror

Still Live from 2018 is the first part of a series of eponymous title Still Live.


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