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Post-clown performance, 30', video


Mobilis Festival, Liptovský Mikuláš, SK

Artist: Tereza Sikorová, Tomáš Moravanský

Performed: Tereza Sikorová

The project "We Stand by Culture" takes its name from the currently known student activist initiative and the wider artistic and cultural community from Slovakia, which strives for a more competent, transparent and fair functioning of the culture sector. Our one-time event takes place in a small cultural center in Liptovsky Mikulas, where a festival took place in the autumn of 2019, inviting artists and debators to perform on the theme of Manifesto.


Our performance was announced for a specific hour at this center which is associated with a small café and an independent bookstore. Instead of performing on stage, our performance took place a few meters elsewhere in the same space but behind the café's counter. With the organizers of the event, we agreed that during this hour it would not be possible to sell anything, because the performer would be standing on the spot and not be disturbed. Above the dispensing window, there was a sticker "Stojíme pri kultúre (we stand by culture)" on the frame - an original sticker of the mentioned initiative, which often occurs glued in various places, which someone had pasted there before.


Tereza (post-clown performer) stood behind this window instead of the bartender. This symbolic gesture stopped the sale of any cultural product, coffee or beer there. Visitors ordered before the start of the performance could not leave during this hour because they had not paid, so they had to stay. Those who came to the show went straight to the other room and waited for something to happen on stage. They waited, started discussing common things, asked organizers when it would start, but they were not allowed to say anything. Occasionally someone went to the bar to order but it was not possible. So people were sitting still and watching the stage most of the time. The performance was two meters away from them behind their back. After the time had passed, another cultural program began and the normal operation of the café could continue as if nothing had happened.

Watch full performance

We Stand By Culture is part of the POOL series. The primary aspect of the POOL series is dedicated to the post-clown manifestation.


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