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Stage performance, physical theatre, live music

premiere: 9.3.2016, studio Marta, Brno, CZ


The dancing body is not just physical. The body is also made up of embodied images and the relationships it enters. The dance is structured by discovering - based on internal anatomical-spatial maps. The spatial objects, light and music are other layers of choreography. There is an interchange between these layers and movement, which induces the mutual relations in which the body and the dancers create a dance.


Withinlands is a recurring question of what is "beneath the surface." It is a meeting with the unknown and the stranger inside. It seeks the relationship between the subconscious mind, movement, the human body, its representation and transformation, choreography, nonsense and life.


The precise structure of movement transforms an open room into an anti-gravity playground where you can get through an infinite quantity of dimensions and where anyone can get stuck in its own one.


Concept: Tereza Sikorová

Choreography and dancers: Tereza Sikorová, Martin Šalanda

Live music: Downbelow

Set and costume design: Monika Urbášková

Lights: Jonáš Garaj

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