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A) INSTITUT INSTITUT is an intermedia artist collective which brings together protagonists of different expressions and media in discussion, critique, research and contemporary art with an aim to support the creation and presentation of individual and group projects.

B) We are a collective of people, artists, performers, dancers, composers, experimental filmmakers, dramaturgs, curators and theorists across disciplines for whom being part of a collective is not a naturally comfortable state. 

D) At the same time, we are a civic association(s) with an official presence in Slovakia (since 2018) and also in the Czech Republic (since 2019). Read the official statutes here.

C) Founded in 2017

E) We are based, or if you please - physically located mainly in Brno, then Prague, Olomouc, Bratislava, Košice, someone lives in a cottage somewhere in the woods and sits behind a computer all the time. Has anybody seen him?

F) Contact us via mail: institutinstitut.oz@gmail.com

G) If you haven't gotten tired of it yet, follow us on instagram or facebook. Give us their heart from you. It's really not good for you to spend time on sites like that. Our posting there is about a year behind anyway with updates to projects done in the meantime.

F) Current members - ranked from m̶o̶s̶t̶ ̶p̶o̶p̶u̶l̶a̶r̶ oldest to newest member

  • Tomáš Moravanský (visual & sound artist, choreographer, musician, filmmaker, theorist, writer, curator/dramaturg, university lecturer)

  • Tereza Sikorová (ex-clown, physical actress, choreographer, dramaturg, performer, university lecturer)

  • Michal Žilinský (CGI artist & classic graphic artist)


  • David Bartoš (curator, musician, filmmaker, university lecturer)

  • Adam Turzo (visual-material artist)

  • Martina Šikulová (visual artist, costume designer, performer, videoartist)


  • Dominik Hlinka (painter, cnc artist, university lecturer)

  • Victoria Duryagina (digital-visual artist, programmer)


  • Miriam Budzáková (dancer, choreographer)


  • Viktória Pardovičová (writer, curator)

  • Daniela Ponomarevová (visual artist - drawing-object-text)


G) Someday hopefully we'll have a photo together too. Not everyone likes to take pictures.

I) Any suggestions? Go to F.

L) see below (and be humbled): our partners