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INSTITUT INSTITUT is an experimental collective of people open to different expressions and media in the fields of art and research. We create as a group, sometimes only as a part of it, or individually with our specific artistic and professional approach - while helping each other in practice, theory, production and life.

We work mainly in the fields of contemporary art, dance and dance dramaturgy, performance, text, experimental scenic forms and site-specific, music, sound and moving image.

The purpose of this platform is to support the creation, curation and presentation of individual, collective and external projects alongside discussion and open peer-to-peer critique. The group connects distinctive personalities for whom, being part of a collective may not be a naturally comfortable state, but professional activity in the arts is one of life‘s basic requirements.

We were founded in 2017 and since 2018 we have been operating as a civic association with official representation in Slovakia and the Czech Republic (since 2019). We are mainly based in Brno, partly in Bratislava, Berlin and Prague. Official statutes here.


Tomáš Moravanský
Tereza Sikorová
Veronika Žilinská

Julie Pelánová
Daniela Ponomarevová
Adam Turzo
Miriam Budzáková

Sára Min
Dominik Hlinka
Victoria Duryagina

Martina Šikulová

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Write to us, ask us anything at:


Call us (Tomas picks up):
+420 792 373 281
+421 907 056 220

(Or Tereza)

+420 776 048 413



Supported by:

Ministry of Culture Czech Republic

Brno Municipality

Slovak Arts Council

The Arts and Theatre Institute of Czech Republic

Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen

Czech Centre Sofia


Brno Artist in Residence | House of Arts

Faculty of Fine Arts| Brno University of Technology

PlaST | The Platform for Contemporary Dance

Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science

Faculty of Education | Masaryk University





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