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Tomáš Moravanský

A typical feature of Tomáš Moravanský's work is the diversity of expressive media across disciplines and collaborations.

​He is an established author of the younger-middle generation in the contemporary art, contemporary dance and independent music scene (under the musical pseudonym Panáčik). He is currently a PhD student at the Department of Art History and Theory at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno.

In his work we encounter narrative structures, sophisticated visuals, interactive environments as well as subversion and alternative comedic elements. He has a long-standing research interest in post-dance choreography and psychogeography in relation to superstition, attention deficit disorder and interactive storytelling.

In the environment of his works, audience-visitors-listeners naturally become an activating variable and part of them. These situations can also be likened to model experiments of a certain type of intellectual and cognitive exercises with a professional overlap into contemporary art.

Moravansky's input also appears frequently in the works of other artists in the capacity of co-creator, dramaturg and curator.



1991 | Dubnica nad Váhom | Slovakia

Currently based in Brno | Czech Republic

Member since 2017 | Co-founder

Departmental roles

  • Artist Producer

  • Curator & dramaturg

  • Consultations & theoretical support

  • Documentation & archivation

Media specialization

  • Installations

  • Spatial dramaturgy

  • Choreography

  • Performance

  • Experimental scenic forms & site-specific

  • Moving image

  • Text

  • Music & sound production



  • +421 907 056 220

  • +420 792 373 281

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