Tomáš Moravanský is studying for a PhD. in the Department of Theory and Art History under the supervision of Václav Magid at the FaVU in Brno. His means of expression are broad and span across different media, complicated and complex sentences consisting of technical terms, with a focus on specific influences and organization of the socio-cultural space in the relationship to the movement and post-dance choreography.


His artistic practice is accompanied by the critical-analytical reflections based on the critical theory, sociology or psychology, important starting points include Lacanian psychoanalysis or the fascination with evolutionary biology. Moravanský's current research (in the post-dance and choreography of the ideological space) is focused on the issues of superstitiousness, attention deficit disorder and tribalism.


He is working in the field of gallery installations, performances, interventions to public space, moving image, sound, music production (project Panáčik), contemporary dance shows and dramaturgy. He approaches his work and the art institution as such with humor, but often keeps the ironical distance. In spite of that, he remains one of the most active authors of the contemporary art scene, although it means basically nothing.

Spectators, visitors and listeners of the projects of Moravanský become in his artwork surroundings an active, changing agent and component. Their presence/absence in the situation helps to narrate the work, or better said ''to expand'' the work due to temporary spatial correspondances and experiences. Author creates environments, in which come to the fore the highlights of the subjective experiences of the visitor, their customs and personal paradigms. This happens as a reaction to the spatial arrangements, basic thematic and aesthetic framework, i.e. storyline.

A large proportion of his work consists in collaboration with various people, he invites guests from different fields and genres to form art collectives. These guests most frequently feature in his music projects where he performs as Panáčik (since 2007). His music combines contemporary classical music, irritating pop (mostly known for), polyphonic music, experimental collages and electroacoustic music. He stages concerts in the form of music and scenic performances which he terms "audio-visual romance".

He is a co-founder of the INSTITUT INSTITUT (-II-) intermedia art group and civic association (2018) which brings together protagonists of different expressions and media in discussion, critique, research and contemporary art with an aim to support the creation and presentation of individual and group projects.