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Tomáš Moravanský

Tomáš Moravanský can be described as a Renaissance man, or in other words, the McGyver of contemporary art. He operates on the contemporary art, dance and music scene (here under the pseudonym Panáčik). His work is typical for its media variability, adaptability to the given situation, often with elements of subversion and humour.

He has long been involved in the use of choreography to explore human behaviour in relation to the shaping of socio-cultural space. In doing so, he often draws on insights from the fields of social psychology, biological evolution and everyday experience of reality. This is further reflected in his gallery and site-specific projects, interventions in public and private space, choreographic experiments, audio/visual works and texts. A specific aspect of his activities is the frequent involvement (and bridging) of significant personalities and institutions across the cultural spectrum.

Moravanský often appears in the work of other artists as co-producer, dramaturg, editor and in rare cases as curator. He is also a co-founder and one of the key members of the interdisciplinary association INSTITUT INSTITUT. Together with Tereza Sikorová, as an authorial duo, they have long been engaged in a series of projects developing the figure of the so-called post-clown, manifesting itself through site-specific performative interventions and short films. Currently, he is also a PhD student at the Department of Theory and History of Art at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno.

His works have been shown in more than fifty galleries, festivals, theatres, magazines and radio in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, as well as in Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Poland and the UK. He has participated in artist residencies at institutions such as Egon Schiele Art Centre, Banská St a nica Contemporary, Brno House of Arts, Czech Centre in Sofia. In the past he has also received several important awards and nominations in moving image and popular music. In his free time he enjoys reading, watching movies, sports, cleaning and cooking.



Born 1991 | Dubnica nad Váhom | Slovakia

Currently based in Brno | Czech Republic

Member since 2017 | Co-founder



  • +421 907 056 220

  • +420 792 373 281

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