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Veronika Žilinská (formerly twitter)

1992 | Púchov | Slovakia

​Currently based in Prague | Czech Republic

Member since 2017


​Veronika Žilinská obtained a Master's degree in the Studio of Drawing and Graphic Arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Brno University of Technology (2017).


In the work of Veronika Žilinská, temporality, the volatility of the material substance of things and the existential effort to preserve play an essential role. His long-term interest has been the environment of the House, which is similar to an abandoned family memorial in northwestern Slovakia, a dwindling micro-world constantly updated by indirect external human or natural interference.


She transforms surviving history of places, artifacts and events into drawings and digital animation, while confronting static media and moving images in a single installation, creating strained situations of different timelines. The themes recurring in his work are the transitions between the world inside and outside, and the specific topography - intense, exhaustive descriptions of places.


An uncompromising technical solution of her works results in the fact that every place created must be occupied by the author for some time. She works with simulacrums of postmodern society, which often are themselves the content of his works.








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