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Adam Turzo

1992 | Martin, Slovakia

​Currently based in Brno | Czech Republic

Member since 2021

Adam Turzo is an intermedia artist. He graduated from the Studio of Glass at the UTB in Zlín, and subsequently obtained a Master's degree in the Studio of Drawing and Graphic Arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Brno University of Technology.


In his work he deals mainly with the medium of installation with interactive, almost haptic elements. He also experiments in the field of sculpture, printmaking, photography and drawing, with the ambition to redefine the established forms of classical media.


His interest in the object and materiality is a significant moment. In Adam's work, one can often discover the motif of the fusion of organic and inanimate material, which seem to technically mimic the laboratory processes of creation by mutating non-durable solids into a kind of natural mimicry.


His work is predominantly ontologically oriented, seeking both content and form from fundamental assumptions for life. Against the backdrop of these processes, we can discover commentaries on everyday ordinariness with a social-critical overlap in relation to Freudian notions such as oral or anal pleasure, or the overall developmental period of the child. The critical starting point here is the situation of the transgression of the human accumulation of material things as a result of the preservation of unnecessary and often environmentally harmful social rituals and traditions.





  • +421 908 085 368

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