Daniela Ponomarevová is a student of FaVU BUT in Brno, (Studio of Drawing and Graphics led by Svätopluk Mikyta). Her main means of expression is drawing, from which she starts and transforms into object work. She perceives drawing as a natural tool for manifestation and visualization of information, thoughts, conscious and unconscious processes.

The content of her earliest works were figures, often bio-mechanical creatures, which she named Kriplonoids. These figures are characterized by their structured, semi-decayed shells, reflecting the inertia and fragility of the soul, the experience of which is unconsciously strongly inscribed in the functionality and form of their bodies.

Her work incorporates a layered subjective symbolism with which she operates, constructing often anti-utopian narratives about the human aspects of a life whose existence has fragmented into a field of fact and fiction, information and misinformation, reality and the virtual world. She deals with their relationship and interaction.

Through pop culture and science fiction references she responds to existential uncertainty, social confusion and contemporary images of trauma whose roots go back to the collective memory of humanity. She fragments and fuses her own visual experience and imagination with genre clichés. This allows her to more closely convey a reflection on the evolution of humanity's subconscious attempts to compensate for its mortality and fear of losing control, forming an incessant (destructive) desire for infinite power and its own omnipotent consciousness.

She develops her artistic practice independently and sometimes in collaboration with her equally aged sister Denisa Ponomarevová.