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Dominik Hlinka

1989 | Šahy | Slovakia

​Currently based in Bratislava | Slovakia

Member since 2021

Dominik Hlinka is one of the representatives of the younger middle generation of the Slovak painting scene. He graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava at the Department of Painting in the Studio of Painting under the guidance of Assoc. Prof. Klaudia Kosziba, ArtD. (2008-2014). From 2015 he continued at the department in his doctoral studies and has been working as an assistant in the studio since 2018. In the years 2011-2012 he participated in an internship at HEAD in Geneva.


In the author’s work, we can observe a long-term interest in a documentary approach to the painted motifs which is gradually moving towards the issue of the possibility of the transcription of the originals onto the canvas. Thinking about painting, its possibilities and its basis is realised in a wider range of media, such as the creation of objects, site-specific installations and, last but not least, working in a digital environment. In recent years, he has actively involved software and computational technologies in his work, but at the same time reflected their position and impact on human thinking and action. The motifs of his paintings are mostly digital, working with 3D scanning of objects, machine learning and basic programming in order to achieve painting templates without “sensory” engagement thus encountering rationality and software impartiality.

He is the holder of several significant awards. He received the scholarship of the Novum Foundation, the Rector’s Award for his Master’s Thesis and the Jury Award at the XI. Triennal of Aquarelle in Lučenec. He was a nominee for the VÚB Painting of the Year, ESSL Art Award, Strabag Awards and Startpoint: Prize for Emerging Artist.



  • +421 910 901 919

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