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Mobile app, public intervention

15.12.2021 . 31.1.2022
TIC gallery, Brno, CZ / Google Play

Concept: Moravanský, Duryagina, Hlinka
Curator: Tomáš Moravanský
IT: Victoria Duryagina
3D scanning: Dominik Hlinka

The app uses augmented reality (AR) which allows the user to insert virtual figure of a homeless person into physical space. The app is supposed to provide the user with the experience of “virtue signaling” while maintaining a safe distance and doing so through the camera of their smartphone. At the same time, it fulfills the internal need to call attention to and share social issues (even when they are not present).

The app is available in Google Play for a download by a QR code. Nový prostor is not for everyone and it only works on smartphones that support AR. The user chooses a space where they insert the selected figure using their camera. The selection includes various types of models and figure positions. It is possible to insert as many figures as the user chooses, and they will remain in place until they close the app. It is therefore possible to flood the physical space with virtual content.

The app also retrospectively converts user’s personal activity to a fictitious monetary value, which is based on the energy usage of a distant server that is used to store the data. In other words, the app calculates how much energy the virtual beggar uses up. Recorded screenshots of these modified places are then uploaded anonymously to a cloud storage and can be then at instagram profile

*The title Nový Prostor (New Space) is borrowed from the magazine of the same name whose sellers are people in social distress, homeless people and people at risk of social exclusion.

Download from Google Play

Visit curated instagram profile

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