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Martina Šikulová

Martina Šikulová is a graduate of the Printmaking and Other Media studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava and currently a student of the New Media 2 studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, for which she is too mature to fit in.

Martina's main choice of expression is clothing and fabric. This can be seen used in large canvases of stitched figurative collages, which can always be stripped or redressed for other layers of clothing, similar to a doll.  Martina is inspired by subtle moments from her personal life, situations with friends or strangers, which she then transforms into sensitive erotic fantasies where she often portrays herself as a cowgirl. The clothes incorporated into the canvases can often be tried on by the viewer themselves.

In a similar fashion, Martina uses parts of her works as costume and object of interest in performances or in the genre of amateur video. These can also be described as non-narrative roleplay soft-pornography reminiscent of some sort of trashy glamour party. Martina often presents her work in non-gallery spaces within the club scene and raves.

In the earlier stages of her work, in addition to illustration, she was also involved in creating toys for children by remaking erotic toys for adults. She continues to create her works with sensitivity and without exaggeration, so that they are acceptable even to the imaginary youngest audience. One day she would like to be a country-folk singer, but for now she only plays covers.


1997 | Nové Mesto na Moravě

Currently based in Prague | Czech Republic

Member since 2021


Departmental roles

  • Artist Producer


​Media specialization

  • Visual arts

  • Fabric

  • Illustration

  • Printmaking

  • Video

  • Performance

  • Toy-making



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