Public announcement series in the town of Važec, mockumentary

Važec, 2020

This intervention in public space took the form of an announcement series, and it was created during the 12-day-long symposium DOM (12th – 23rd August 2020) in the town of Važec in Slovakia. I was invited to be a co-author of the programme for the public which included an exercise workshop and the final performance. The event primarily focused on the Jan Hála House with its close surroundings, and the central theme was unknown thieves who robbed the house blind in 2005 and stole permanent exposition paintings created by a Czech painter Jan Hála (1890–1959). The painter had spent many years in this house, having it both as his home and his creative place. There are approximately 2 000 inhabitants in Važec. The town is a popular stop on the way to nearby countryside sites, romantically interpreted by the painter in his work, along with people and traditions of their days.


During my stay, I implemented several interventions in public space outside the programme which were a subliminal reaction to a subsequent urge to critically reflect the symposium from the inside, as its co-author.


The interventions included a local radio announcement of an open contest for the most interesting short story or poem with a set subject: We Don't Care. For the announcement series, I wrote a text, sent it to the local municipal authority, and let the administrative personnel read it, just as they read common announcements for the entire town on a daily basis except on Sundays (such as obituaries or information about the local market). 

The short film has been created as a material that is supposed to document the intervention project. It shows the first, second-last, and last day of the announcements (the first three days broadcasted the same announcement). Camera shots illustrating the public announcement audio record are taken from specific angles to represent the view from within the symposium, and they show the inactivity in the house surroundings.


Note: The short film skips the second and the third day of the announcements as the information announced was the same as on the first day.

Note 2: On the second-last day, the radio plays the song “Vata” before the announcement, which was granted to the public radio repertoire by me.

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