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CGI short film, 22 minutes

Artist: Michal Žilinský

Soundtrack: Tomáš Moravanský

Area of Universal Latency (Aula) is a part of a large, interdependent system of specific places, rooted in the historical reality of northwestern Slovakia. The dominant feature of Aula is the House, some sort of author’s family memorial, once a romantic place, now abandoned ruin surrounded by a rotting apple orchard. The external human or natural uncoordinated interventions organically transform Aula and constantly “make it contemporary”. It lives in its special “post-human”, latent apocalyptic biosphere. The reality of constantly ongoing processes of birth and decomposition in Aula, means utopia. This is not a utopia in the sense of an impossible future, but a utopia as the present we live in. Through its ambivalence, CGI film Aula tries to point out to the current uncertainty of society. 

Dean's Award at Faculty of Fine Arts BUT- 2018

The Winner of Other Visions SK - 2019

Watch full video

Aula: Area of Universal Latency is located somewhere in the Zone.


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