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Movement composition for four performers, exhibition intervention


TIC Gallery, Brno

Artist: Tomáš Moravanský

Performers: Anna Řeháková, Tereza Sikorová, Lenka Sobotková, Vendula Vlasáková

Corepetion and (headphones) voice actress: Tereza Sikorová

The second part of a series of interventions for the exhibition program of the TIC Gallery for 2020. It was a modified reinterpretation of the work Natural Painters from the series "Still Live" from 2018. 


The project, characterized as postconceptual is with the tradition of conceptual art connected with a focus on a predetermined instruction, according to which it is possible to repeatedly realize the work. However, the precondition of success is the elimination of subjective decisions in the implementation process. The choice of role that show the protagonists of performance (plein air painters) refers to the traditional (pre-conceptual) conception of creation as an expression of individuality. Project can be interpreted as a nostalgic report on the disappearance of an individual subject expressing itself through a work of art but also as a celebration of the possibility of constructing the subject's simulacrum and its expression.



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