stills from a security camera, time-lapse, installation, paper boxes 40x40x40cm, various dimension

March 2020 / YUP, Osnabrück, Germany

August 2020 / BLACK BOX, Festival Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria.

August 2020 / Festival HUMAIN / Industra, Brno, Czech republic

This work is created with a support of Brno House of Arts and Tic Gallery. Special thanks to Jan Langer.

A photo of the exhibition is taken each day after the visiting hours as a time-lapse (19.2.2020 - 12.4.2020). The photos document the movement and expression of the visitors. These were mostly small spatial changes caused by stumbling or careless passage around the objects. The composition change of the boxes was based also according to the number of the visitors in the gallery at one time. For example, one of the situations was that someone moved all the boxes evenly to another level. Likewise, various compositions of the boxes were made by the visitors of the gallery. Every day before the opening of the gallery, the exhibition was repaired. Destroyed boxes were replaced with the new ones. The photos were saved even after the gallery was completely closed due to the expansion of a virus (dark photos).

Note. : There was no introduction, instruction or curator text for the visitor during the exhibition or its opening. Gallery staff should not direct people or explain to them the idea that anything is allowed in the gallery. Only two information was present for the visitor. Oneinformation was the name of the exhibition itself and the other was that visitors could visit the exhibition for free if they exchanged entrance ticket for a used ticket from another cultural event.

Installation Still Left is based on the artist’s residency within the Brno Artists in Residence programme of the Brno House of Arts which took place in autumn 2019. Still Left is a continuation of a set of interconnected gallery projects, object installations, interventions in public space, scenic performances and short films under the umbrella title Still Live, in which Moravanský is currently researching and working on topics of everyday life, movement psychology, intellectual property, virtuality and culture of individualism in relation to phenomenology.

Watch time-lapse video

Still Files is part of a series Still Live.