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Installation, object, paint, textile, performance

20.5.2020 - 30.6.2020
Industra Art Gallery, Brno, CZ

Artist: Tomáš Moravanský
Performed: Tereza Sikorová

A minimalist object installation reminiscent of the unmarked graves of dead soldiers. It alludes to the modes of sculptural work as such through the use of basic building material. The ytongs are spaced at precise intervals into the gallery space, which in the past served as a large factory freezer.

The exhibition explores a choreographed way of orienting the body in space, using repetitive elements as confusing landmarks that make one have to tread very carefully so as not to disturb the impermanence of the material of the objects present - thus having to exert much more effort in keeping an eye on the floor.

The installation also included a satirical performance by a movement actress in a ghost costume, strikingly reminiscent of the costume of the Kukluksklan cult. Ironically, the performance always took place after gallery closing hours. The artist thus gradually raises the question of the body as political in relation to spirituality, conspiracies and the importance of the presence of the physical spectator-witness. Not really but no one actually reads these texts, I can write that this means absolutely chocolates. In doing so, it was a realization of the exhibition by using OCD as a tool of spatial determination.


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