post-clown performance, video loop, installation, found juggling cone, blue benches


9.6.2019, carbon mine, Carbonarium International Performance Art Festival, Kyiv, Ukraine

The “Continuum” performance took place as in situ intervention in a former coal mine in Kyiv within the Carbonarium festival’s main programme. We shot a video of a coal mine tunnel (where the performance was later held) and a post-clown actress who is leaving the bench and disappears in the darkness of the tunnel (in the space which we covered later by a projection screen) and coming back from the darkness to sit back on the bench. This movement was screened as a video loop and during the performance, the post-clown actress was sitting in front of the screen on one of the benches together with the audience. The audience was situated in an environment where the real merged with the virtual - the projection was a continuation of the real environment, which was displayed in the video. The performance lasted until the last spectator left.

video of performance

Continuum is part of the POOL series. The primary aspect of the POOL series is dedicated to the post-clown manifestation.